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How Life Has Changed In Iraq In The Early 21st Century

In the early 21st century in Iraq, the British were in control of the country. It was barely the downfall of Saddam so a new era was upon them. Now the people of Iraq were more familiar with the English language. It actually went in their favor for the future because that would open the door for more jobs for them. We all know how there is always a huge demand for English tutors and learning this language can be passed on from generation to generation. Also, they learned the proper manners so the British influence became a good thing for them when the time is right. In addition, you would want to become the best at what you do and the British came in and helped a lot of Iraq kids achieve their goals. That was one thing Saddam barely touched on as education certainly improved a lot when you add that to the fact that there were significantly more courses offered in college. Some students were keen on learning a lot of new things when they want to forget about learning what their parents want them to. Some Iraq males were called into the army for some training. Believe it or not, that actually benefited them a lot because they were able to exercise a lot and make their body a bit more buff.

As for food, there were a lot more options for the people there. The culinary students learned a lot more food to cook other than the same stuff that was available to them. They were definitely sick and tired of eating the same stuff over and over again. Hence, the good news that they would be given new recipes comes as a surprise now that they would also learn a lot of new things. After all, it would feel great to learn something new each day. The British came in and taught them a ton of new words that they would end up mixing with their local language. A lot of countries were also taken over by the British and it was not too long before they were able to reap the rewards. in fact, their English improved so much that they would not even recognize themselves every time they try and speak the language. They also became pretty confident in themselves when the British taught them how to act maturely in front of many people. It is one of those things that you would want to forget but you will want to remember those learning for quite a while. Yes, you would want to take into account what you have learned so that you will take a few minutes into getting what you can do for quite a long time. It won’t be long before you would be on top of your game and you can’t really forget who to thank when that happens as long as you do a bit of a shout out on your social media then they will see that.

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