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The Pros and Cons of State-Imposed Income Tax

Paying taxes is something that this modern society requires with the purpose of surviving in a group since most countries take a good usage of taxes as a method of regaining a good amount of money for future investments such as roads, medical centers, public constructions that will benefit a determined community and as well as other utilities such as increasing and upgrading the water, electricity and other services that need to be handled constantly by the government to avoid causing problems in the commercial and public market. However, nothing in this world is perfect, and even if taxes have direct pros, most people tend to see only the cons, so that’s why in this article you will see a comparison between these two sides of taxation, so stay tuned to learn something new.


Believe it or not, a lot of good things are being made with the money that you pay in taxes from your general income, and while you may think that cutting a great percentage of what you earn through dedication is something bad (which in practical terms it is…) a lot of people will benefit from this taxation, even you could possibly start seeing good things! For example, brand new roads, channels, and other important builds where the state is involved couldn’t be made without your support! So you can indirectly help hundreds of people just by paying taxes.

In some countries, taxation is made to reduce the possibilities of a broken economy where everyone could buy whatever they want and leave sellers with nothing which will cause big problems of inventory if the problem is not solved, for that reason taxation is a good way to help the local economy to stay sharp and also to maintain everything in order, is just something that we didn’t know we need it so much. While taxation on purchases of consumer goods is also an option, income tax is often a simpler approach.


As a matter of tact, almost everyone that hates or disagrees with taxes is due to their great income being cut in great numbers depending on where they live or in other actions, and that is completely understandable since in a blind spot it could be said that taxes are made to cut someone’s success and give it to others that don’t deserve it, but that is a little bit greedy, and remember that not everyone has the same opportunities, we need to be sharing and caring for those that need a little support, and paying taxes could be a great help.

Finally, there is something that it doesn’t make too much sense even to those that defends taxation, and is a fact that some cities, countries, or states tend to add an insanely larger amount of percentage to the tax cut, and why is that even a thing? For example, those who live outside of California will be paying like 10% fewer taxes from their income which is not just fair, and while modern society works well like this, changes will be needed in the future without any doubt.