The Ester Republic
the national rag of the independent people's republic of ester

Party Details!

First Annual Miners Masquerade Ball
a fundraiser for the Ester Republic

Ken Kunkel Hall, 2645 Goldstream Road


5:30 to 7: decorating & party prep!

(if you'd like to help us set up, your assistance is more than welcome!)

7 to 8: potluck dinner

Welcome Speech from the Publisher,
toasts and speechifying from the partygoers
portrait packages by Ronn Murray Photography

8 to 9: dance!

Lost Dog Old-Time String Band
Lynn Basham, caller

9 to 10: awards & contests

Beard & Mustache Contest

Costume & Mask Contest

Publisher's Picks

10 o'clock: unmasking

10 to midnight: party windup & cleanup

(we'll be aiming to depart by 11 pm if we can)

thank you!

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