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The Ester Republic Telephone Directory and Local Et Cetera


2007 edition: $10

2004 edition: $7

2002 edition, $6.50

2000 edition, $5


The Local Et Cetera is a small community book with recipes, local history, entertainments, helpful guides and conversion tables, information on local businesses and institutions, and telephone numbers. Each edition covers different aspects of the Ester Commonwealth, although the latest edition has the most current telephone information, naturally.


To get a listing in the telephone directory, you must live in the Greater Ester Area, defined roughly as including the regions of Ester village, Ester Lump, Ester Dome Summit, Henderson Road, Gold Hill Road, Berry, Old Nenana Highway, and Cripple Creek Road. You must also consider yourself part of the Ester community (rather than that of Fairbanks or Goldstream). Having an Ester post office box also helps.


The Local Et Cetera comes out every other year. Bear in mind that to have your number listed in the directory, you will need to contact the publisher.


Advertisements for locally owned or located businesses fund the printing of the Local Et Cetera. If you wish to advertise in the Local Et Cetera (please do!), please read our policies and rates, and contact the publisher. Advertisements may be for Ester-owned or Ester-area businesses.


You can get a copy of the current and prior editions at The Annex, Gold Hill Liquor and Gas, the Parks Highway Chevron Station, at the Ester Republic office, or by contacting the publisher.

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