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freeze•frame & nuggets

the northernmost reaches of humor
by Jamie Smith
Catch him at the Alaska Book Festival, June 12-14!



It's Gonna Be A Long Winter...

ISBN 978-0-9749221-1-9


Nuggets: A Big Ol' Pile of Cartoons from Alaska

ISBN 978-0-9749221-2-6


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The fruits of Seasonal Affective Drawing from Alaska's longest-running cartoon, freeze-frame and nuggets are homegrown humor from the heartland of the north. Smith's zany look at life in the Frozen North is appreciated by both visitors encountering our mosquitoes for the first time and sourdoughs with a profound understanding of that winter run to the outhouse...


Beaver Fever
$7.95, paperback, 112 pp, 5.5" x 8.5"

ISBN 0-9635803-1-0
İ 1995 by Norwolf Design/James T. Smith
All rights reserved
published by Dragon Press


Stuck in a Rut
$8.95, paperback, 96 pp, 5.5" x 8.5"

ISBN 0-9635803-2-9
İ 1999 by Norwolf Design/James T. Smith
All rights reserved
published by Dragon Press


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What discerning readers say about these books:


"This happy little book, very funny and purely Alaskan, got four thumbs up at our house. A pithy playing with puns has promoted Jamie to the front ranks of Alaska humorists." —Byron Birdsall


"...a cerebral celebration... Jamie beats a comic rhythm on my funny drum...this is damn funny stuff." —Gangly Moose


"Beaver Fever will have a gnawing effect on you." —Johnny Hart


"Very refreshing stuff. Like a Great Northern Goose to the spirit!" —Don Martin


"...catches the Spirit of the Wild's #1 sense; the sense of humor! I felt right at home at his campfire, laughing and feeling good." —Ted Nugent


"...I like the collection...It's quite different from most of the stuff I have seen. Like any hot stuff, it should be an easy ice breaker." —Joe Szabo, Witty World Intl. Cartoon Magazine


"Witty, funky, and a trifle demented. Cool stuff!" —Ray Troll


About the author:

Jamie Smith teaches drawing and cartooning at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and is afflicted with an unremitting sense of absurdity. His cartoon strips appear in papers around Alaska, and he regularly publishes editorial cartoons in The Ester Republic. When not on another extended solo backcountry trek into the wilderness, he lives and works in a one-room cabin in Ester with his two cats.


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Denali National Park, Alaska


Old Harbor Books

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Pandemonimum Booksellers

Wasilla, Alaska


PhotoSynthesis Alaska
Ester, Alaska


Tales Told Twice
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Title Wave
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UAF Bookstore
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