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Cartoon North:
Sequential Art in Alaska

exhibit catalog for show curated by Jamie Smith, June 2007

edited by Jamie Smith and Deirdre Helfferich

paperpack, iv + 52 pp, 8.5" x 11"
ISBN 978-0-9749221-3-3, price $12

To order, send a check or provide your credit card information (VISA or MC) to Ester Republic, PO Box 24, Ester AK 99725. S&H: $3 for the first copy, $1 for each additional copy. Bookstores & libraries, please see our sales policies.

Cartoon North: Sequential Art in Alaska

The companion catalog to the first comprehensive exhibit of sequential art and cartooning of Alaska, this book features the work of northern editorial cartoonists, graphic novelists, and sequential artists of all stripes: strips, doodles, political and social commentary, illustration, graphic art, and gags. Historical and Alaska-themed cartoons by cartoonists from outside Alaska are also be included. Cartoonists include Timothy Albee, Jenn Baker, Bill Berry, Chad Carpenter, Ian Colvert, Dan Darrow, Ding Darling, Peter Dunlap-Shohl, John Falk, Inari Kylšnen, Dave Lasky, Layla Lawlor, Chuck Legge, Norman Lowell, Kel Nuttall, Steve Phelps, Lee Post, Jamie Smith, Ben Templesmith, Eric Troyer, Doug Urquhart, and many others.


Contents Include:
Preface by the curator
the Cartoons

  • Historical & Alaska-themed cartoons by Outside artists
  • Editorial cartoons
  • Gag panels & strips
  • Comics, graphic novels, & vignettes

the Artists

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